“There’s No ‘I’ in Team”

You’ve heard the often repeated “There’s no ‘I’ in Team”?  But this week it’s become increasingly obvious that the ‘I’ in PRIDE is a big one.  For me anyway (and after all, it’s all about me). 

I noticed it yesterday at the doctors, I was in the waiting room, sitting beside one of those people who make a lot of noise.  It was like if he wasn’t making a noise he thought he would cease to exist or something.  Every drink from his coffee was followed by a “aaaaargh”, every shift in position accompanied by grunting, sighs poured from him like the air from a pump.  My thoughts were “1: of course you’re uncomfortable otherwise you wouldn’t be at the doctor and 2: I don’t care”.   I was getting more and more irritated.  I sat there for an hour trying not to mind that I worked harder than anyone else in the world, piously reading my book and demonstrating how one SHOULD behave in a waiting room.  Then he went in.  And he was AGES!  AGES AND AGES AND AGES!!!  By the time it was my turn I was practically busting into flames with indignation.  My nostrils could not have flared any wider if I’d tried! 

 Then I went in and saw my lovely doctor.  She’s great.  And what do I love best about her?  She’s calm, she’s peaceful, she’s genuinely caring and she makes sure you get all the time youneed.  She’s wonderful at her job precisely because of that.  I know that.  So why do I fear I won’t get what I need?  What a waste of precious time.  It’s the same when I pray.  I’m so busy telling God what he needs to do that I forget to listen to what I need to do.  That can’t be right. 

Flower Pearson