God Hits The “Refresh” Button

Have you ever found yourself saying these words while shopping for a gift for someone “oh, that will do”?

The correct time to consider what you will give is not at 4 pm, after a long day of shopping with bright lights, music and stimulation coming from all directions.  No one can think clearly with tired feet and a melting credit card.  

I get my most inspired ideas after sitting at home and thinking about the recipient.  What I love about them and what THEY love (though it’s always very tempting to give what we want them to have like the mother-in-law who gives the new wife a cookbook - never a good idea).

Luckily for us, God never has to think on his feet and doesn’t give us gifts just because everyone has to have something.  His gifts are tailored, abundant and infinitely adaptable.  The gift of song given to a child develops into the gift of teaching music, leading worship, even planning music festivals or art therapy as it gets filtered and refined through time and experience.  

Of course not all the gifts under the spiritual tree are for me.  The Apostle Paul specifically said “not everyone should teach” and I take great comfort in that assurance every time there is a call for help in Sunday School!  It’s good to accept we do not possess all gifts, and to prune our commitments to enable others to flourish.  

Then He who sat on the throne said, “Behold, I make all things new.” Revelation 21:5

Flower Pearsonflower