Arch Nemesis

Look at this.  This is my house.  It looks quite nice doesn’t it – white picket fence, in summer there is a riot of pink roses over the gate and the effect is very pleasing.   However – look again… A bit more closely this time.  

See what I mean?  I have no arch support.  The reason it’s in such bad shape is this - when we bought the house it had a lovely arch in place but it had been there for 40 years so of course, it was getting pretty shabby even then.  That was 10 years ago.  We realized it needed replacing so I began to look around for a new one.  You can buy those things all over the place, and they’re all fine.  But, no.  I decided I had to have the EXACT replica of the original.  

So, we decided to make one.  I care about this and Chris (my husband) most certainly does not so I had to make it.  I have no skills in this area (as you can tell), I asked a couple of people for advice but was discouraged when they truthfully told me what needed to be done - so I just rushed ahead and did it my way.  You can see the result.  And now I’ll have to rip down all the roses again (a horribly spiky job) and start all over with the simple (but properly made) arch which I could have easily put in before.  It will take longer and it won’t be done “my way” but it will do what it needs to do and will enable healthy and riotous growth.  I think God is trying to tell me something. 

Every time I walk through the gate I get a nasty smack from one of those pieces of wood hanging down – instead of getting up there and yanking them out I tell myself “I’ll remember next time”, of course I never do.  It hurts, but I know that even when I get home today, I’m going to get another whack.  I’m as flakey as the nasty, cheap paint I used on the wretched thing!

Why I put my faith in myself I do not know.  I look at that arch and I think it’s a perfect picture of my spiritual life.  I let everything else grow over it, through it, around it.  I don’t take care of it, protect it and maintain it and it’s consequently not strong enough to do what it was created to do but just appears adequate from a distance.  I plan on doing some serious pruning and starting to build a solid faith structure, from the inside out over the next few weeks.  It’s time to tear down and let God rebuild with expert hands.

Well, that was all quite a heavy lecture wasn’t it – to lighten the mood – I dreamed about a very small piece of dried fruit last night.  Of course it wasn’t real, just a “fig-ment”.  Geddit?  Sorry about that but no one is here to monitor jokes for quality control.  

With love


Flower Pearson