No Man’s Land

We’re into that strange twilight time of the year. The frantic efforts to resurrect that “festive” feeling culminate on the 25th and we end that day with the feeling that the life support of the year has been switched off. We wait, suspended, the wider world ceasing to exist for us as we closet ourselves in over-indulgence which somehow “doesn’t count”. Like standing in a pool of light on a foggy night we are only aware of the immediacy of our desires and smothering any thought that soon, the fog will lift and consequences will become all too clear.

The credit card statement will come in, the scales will show some number that simply cannot be right, the perfect outer wrapping of the season has been ripped and torn away and revealed a disappointing ... nothing. 

And so we leap into action! A New Year – A New You! - is shouted at us from magazines, television, newspapers and even well-meaning friends as they ask “what are your resolutions this year?” And everywhere is the assumption that we MUST FIX SOMETHING!!!

My suggestion? Don’t "fix" anything. God has great plans for all of us here at All Saints this year. I’m sure of that. Guard your heart and your strength and delight in all the gifts with which God has blessed you and, by extension, us. Be secure in the knowledge that he created you as he wished and he will put you where you need to be, when you need to be there. 

Relax - it’s all good. God’s got this!

Flower Pearson