As you may have noticed I am a British person (pronounced Bri-T-ish –NOT “Briddish”) so I didn’t grow up with Thanksgiving.  In fact for me, as for a lot of my fellow countrymen, the act of giving thanks is fairly alien.  I’m much more familiar with grumbling away in the background with lips like a drawstring bag and disapproving sniffs.  However, I’m all turned around when it comes to the fabulous Canadian custom of Thanksgiving.  What a brilliant idea - to specifically set aside a weekend to be thankful.  While we’re on that subject last night I woke up and heard the rain POURING down.  Words can’t describe the gratitude I had at being able to turn over and go back to sleep in my comfortable warm bed – a couple of years ago I would have been getting up at 2 am and delivering the newspapers.  A lot of time was spent feeling like this …


It was a hard period in my life and I really hated it BUT I have a gift of forever being grateful for NOT having to do it anymore.  It was worth it for that alone.  I wouldn’t have guessed that would be a real reward but it is!  That is a thing I could not have asked for or imagined.  I’m slowly learning that letting go of results and continuing to do the next right thing generally has that type of conclusion.  And it only took 42 years to figure it out!  Yay me!