Loving Acceptance & Celebration of Differences

Things have been fairly quiet around here this week and it’s given me a chance to reflect on a few questions.  As you may know we have a new website which is almost ready to go public and we have been trying to write a little “about us” paragraph for the front page.  It has to be short and needs to tell the reader who we are as a church, and what makes us special.  Tricky.  The difficult bit has been trying to narrow it down!  I’m not done yet, but while thinking I was struck by the “open arms” approach of the congregation.  The view of “The Church” held by so many is a sad reflection on our history and comes from the days when people were seen as either acceptable or NOT.  Historically there has been a distinct lack of love shown to those who failed to come up to the standards of the church, note – the church, NOT Jesus.  No one failed to come up to Jesus’ standards.  No one was turned away except by their own inability to accept him as their Lord (ie the rich young man who could not give up his wealth).  That is what I see in All Saints.  Loving acceptance and celebration of differences.  That is a wonderful gift to give our community and I believe it truly shows Jesus’ compassion and love in a way that many other faith communities do not.  I’ve heard unconditional love preached in many churches and yet, I don’t see it in evidence.  Here I see the All Saints family welcoming all who wish to come and offering practical and spiritual support in a way that I honestly have rarely seen elsewhere.  This is a very special place.  A jewel in the heart of little Ladner.  I can’t begin to guess what God will do with our Imagine More project.  He can do infinitely more than I could ask or imagine.  We are so blessed to be part of this family during this time.  It’s very exciting and the most trying part is the waiting. 
Here’s a picture of some meteors.  Let’s pretend it’s linked in some way to the above paragraph when really I just wanted to show you a cool picture.

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