February Begins at All Saints

This week the Men’s Fellowship meet on Tuesday 2 February at 6 pm in the Parish Hall. No doubt they will be discussing the best way to fell a tree or properly maintain a lawnmower but also preparing to the Pancake Supper next week… Sign up on the board if you plan to come (or just turn up). 

On Wednesday 3 February 2016 at 10:00 am we meet for our Mid-Week Eucharist and Bible Study. The group is slowly increasing in size (with more people I mean, not just because there’s usually a lot of cake) and much hilarity is had. We’d love to see you there. Christianity is not just for Sundays! 

At 5:30 pm on Wednesday the Centering Prayer group meets to .. well .. “center”. 

On Thursday 4 February at 9:30 am ish the Parish Health Care Team meet. If you would like prayer for yourself or for someone you love, a visit, someone to help you through the minefield that is the Health Care System, please contact them. You can send an e-mail to the Church at allsaints@dccent.com or call 604 946 8413 on Thursday morning. 

Also on Thursday, the Craft Ladies make glorious things in the hall from around 10:30 am. Knitting, sewing, macramé (whatever that is) – it’s all happening. Join them for chat and creativity. 

Make a note in your calendar for next week 

On Tuesday 9 February’s page write the following: 

“mmmmm…. Pancakes… All Saints from 5 pm” (by donation). 

All the best people will be there ie me and my friends (yes – BOTH of them!) 

See you there!

Flower Pearson