Past, Present and Future ...

Sorry there was no update for you last week.  The website was not working properly and I just didn't have the to spend sorting it out.  Luckily for you, I had ZERO ideas as to what to say anyway, so you were saved a long, rambling page of nothingness! 

This week however, I have plenty to say.  There's lots going on and more coming up - FAST!

Cute eh?

Cute eh?

Messy Church was a great success last Saturday.  The kids made these pumpkins (aren't they great?) and continued to decorate our mural on the Anglican Church Year.  They enjoyed turkey dinner with their parents and new connections between All Saints and the wider community were formed.   Thank you for your continuing support of Messy Church.

Community Meal was last night and I have been asked to thank the Fiddick family for providing the food.  A delicious turkey was cooking for most of my work day yesterday - the smell of which drove me almost insane!  So, (through gritted teeth) again, thank you to the Fiddicks.

Next Tuesday is the 1st November!  Can you believe it?!  It is also the day the Men's Fellowship meet for Dinner at 6 pm in the parish hall.  The sign up sheet is on the board.

On Wednesday we have the Eucharist and Bible Study at 10 am, and Centering Prayer at 5:30 pm.

Thursday 3 November is a a busy one with the Pastoral Health Care Team meeting at 9:15 am, the Craft Ladies at 10:30 am and the Grief Group at 1 pm.

ODNW Medal.jpg

On Saturday 6 November the ceremony for the presentation of the Order of the Diocese of New Westminster will be held at 10:30 am at the Massey Theatre in New Westminster.  Congratulations to Liz Macdonald who will receive this honour this year.  Maybe "thank you" would be more appropriate than "congratulations"?

That's the lot for next week - but frankly, I think that's more than enough.  I hope you're all planning on coming to the Bazaar on Saturday 19 November as well as contributing to it.  It's always fun and a great community outreach.

ONE MORE THING!  Mitch and Kathy Gillis asked us to thank you all for your thoughts during Mitch's recovery.  They will be back soon!


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