Just Imagine - Renovation Project

Briefing Document for the 2016 Annual Vestry Meeting, February 28, 2016


To update Vestry on the status of the Renovations Project, which is part of the Imagine More Program, and to present a number of renovation options for consideration at the Annual Vestry Meeting


At the Special Vestry Meeting in October 2015, the full scope of renovations required to bring our church buildings up to a reasonable standard was presented.  These necessary renovations consisted of the following major components:  

  • expansion and renovation of the kitchen to bring it into compliance with Health Board guidelines and the Building Code
  • renovation of the washrooms, installation of a code compliant emergency egress, installation of a new roof over this area, and general repairs and upgrades to be Code compliant
  • significant improvements to ventilation in the Sanctuary such as ventilation of the roofing system, installing new high efficiency furnaces with fresh air make-up and ventilation of crawl spaces
  • replacement of the perimeter drainage system around all foundations

The total cost of this program was in the order of $1 million and far more than the $250,000 pledged by parishioners for the program.  At that point it was decided to investigate the minimum cost program to renovate the kitchen and washrooms. The following describes what we developed with reference to the attached plan of Option L, December 2015:


Phase 1 Kitchen Renovation - Primary Features:

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Green Area - With these changes, the kitchen will meet all Fraser Health Board guidelines and BC Building Code requirements.

The estimated cost of Phase 1 is $220,000.

  • expansion of the floor plan by about25%
  • relocating the hallway between the Hall and the current washrooms to the North wall
  • central island with double sink
  • hand wash sink at south entrance
  • two pass through windows between the kitchen and Hall
  • high-speed dishwasher
  • two stoves; commercial refrigerator; two stand-up freezers
  • walk-in pantry
  • new handicap compliant washroom
  • new janitors room
  • removal of hazardous materials 
  • new ventilation system
  • new electrical wiring
  • new plumbing


Phase 2 Washrooms - Primary Features:

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Pink Area

  • Renovation of washrooms in-place
  • 3 new toilets in thewomen’s washroom with new cubicles; one stall is handicap compliant
  • 2 new toilets and 1 urinal in the men’s washroom with new cubicles; one stall is handicap compliant
  • Requires small expansions into the library and storage room to provide the space to make both washrooms code compliant
  • Removal of hazardous materials
  • New plumbing
  • New electrical
  • New flooring and new ceiling
  • New roof over this area.  Existing roof which is leaking will be removed, framing will be installed to provide drainage which currently does not exist, and a new roofing system will be installed.
  • With these changes, the washrooms will meet BC Building Code requirements.


Phase 3 Emergency Exit & Storage Rooms - Primary Features:

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Blue Area - Phases 2 and 3 should be constructed at the same time.  A code compliant emergency egress should be a priority.

The estimated cost of Phases 2 & 3 is $135,000.

  • Construction of a new emergency exit at the north of the hallway beside the Sanctuary taking away some area of the existing sacristy
  • Constructing a firewall between the Sanctuary and the hallway to the west
  • Constructing a wall between the Library and the hallway
  • Re-configuring the storage room and furnace room to more efficiently use these spaces
  • Removal of hazardous materials
  • New electrical
  • New flooring and new ceiling throughout (except offices and entrance hallway.


Sanctuary Ventilation

The sanctuary ceiling has been dripping water for at least the past 5 years.  We are not certain of the cause, but it would appear to be due to condensation caused by inadequate ventilation of the roof system, the interior of the sanctuary, and crawl space below the floor, and lack of fresh make-up air.  It is proposed to improve ventilation of the roof system at this time. No estimate has been obtained for this work. Assume $20,000.

A complete new ventilation system is estimated at about $100,000.  While this work should ultimately be completed, it does not form part of the original mandate to renovate kitchen and washrooms.

The total cost of Phases 1, 2 & 3 is $375,000, and does not include:

  • Perimeter drainage system
  • New fire alarm system or fire suppression system
  • New furnaces (all three furnaces are currently functioning well, but are well beyond life expectancy)
  • Upgraded ventilation system in the Sanctuary.



To date about $150,000 has been raised of the $250,000 pledged.

Clearly the total estimated cost of Phases 1 to 3 is well beyond funds raised or pledged.  A number of options to complete renovations in a number of phases completed over a number of years have been developed by Parish Council for consideration of Vestry.

Option 1

  • Complete Phases 2 and 3 (Washrooms, Emergency Exit and Adjacent Areas & New Roof plus Sanctuary roof ventilation modifications)   
  • Funds are available to complete this option in 2016.
  • Continue fund raising.
  • Complete Phase 1 Kitchen renovations when funds are available.

Option 3

  • Continue to raise funds until sufficient funds are available to complete all phases at once.

Option 2

  • Continue to raise funds.
  • Complete the Phase 1 Kitchen renovations when funds are available.  Renovations would start in 2017 or 2018 depending on results of fund raising.  
  • Continue to raise funds after Phase 1 has been completed.
  • Complete Phases 2 & 3 when funds are available.


There are various sub-options available, however, Parish Council has chosen to simplify options and put it to Vestry to consider these options and any others which Vestry considers have merit.Prepared by:

Don Phelps
Chairman, Renovations Committee

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