Holy Week at All Saints

First let me just remind you that you are invited to join Elizabeth at 9 am on Saturday 19 March for “Scones, Chats and Crosses”.  You can help make the palm crosses for Sunday while enjoying delicious scones and looking back over Lent with your church family. 

Sunday 20 March is Passion Sunday.  We celebrate communion at 8:30 am (quietly) and 10:00 am (more rambunctiously). 

Join us for Stations of the Cross on Monday 21, Tuesday 22 and Wednesday 23 March at 7 pm - a fresh walk on an old path.  If you’re clever you can come for the Community Meal on Tuesday at 6 pm and stay on for the Stations. 

On Thursday 24 March, Maundy Thursday – we meet at 6pm for a light supper before the Service at 7 pm.

On Good Friday 25 March we gather at 10 am.

A sticky, messy kid is a happy kid.

A sticky, messy kid is a happy kid.

On Saturday 26 March at 4 pm we will have a Messy Easter Celebration.  There’s bound to be chocolate and some form of egg hunt involved.  Bring someone small and enjoy them with us.  Don’t forget you can borrow toys from the Toy Library – take a look as you enjoy a free family meal with your small friend.

Also, on Saturday - the Easter Vigil.  We meet at 7 pm.

Sunday – Easter Day.   Join us for the big one!  There’s so much to celebrate!  Services are at 8:30 am and 10:00 am.  Easter Day is the warm, comfortable bed at the end of the long, tiring day of Lent.  Aaaah … feel the deep, restful joy and contentment seep in!  Thank God for that!

Freedom.  Thank God.

Freedom.  Thank God.

Flower Pearson