The Easter Happy Dance

It’s “spring cleaning” time so I’m told.  All dust should be hunted down and banished!  Dust is something most people don’t want around and we even apologize for its presence but personally, I rather like a bit of dust.  I love to wake up on a sunny morning and see it dancing in the light - it appears quite magical. When stirred and given entirely up to light, it is simply, and astonishingly, beautiful. 

Easter - the time when the light shines blindingly, brighter than ever!  Let it into every hidden corner and dark place in your life.  Stir up your inner dust and give it to God.  It will be gone forever –given up to the light, not sitting around festering, causing guilt or shame.   You will be free to dance in all your glorious imperfections and flaws.

You don’t even have to “dance like nobody’s watching” because the only one who matters is already delighted with you!

You can't get much happier than that!

You can't get much happier than that!

Hallelujah!  Praise the Lord!

Flower Pearson