Post-Easter Peace

I'll just remind you of Messy Easter on Saturday 26 at 4 pm.  There will be Easter egg hunting and a picnic, some music, crafts and some good company (ie I will be there!)

We meet again at 7 pm for the Easter Vigil.  A lovely thing to experience.

Sunday of course is Easter Sunday.  Come and celebrate.  Get here early if you want to be able to park!  Services are at 8:30 am and 10 am.  Bring the family.  Small people can make a joyful noise too or just go and hang out in the Children's Area!

You know it's true!

You know it's true!

After that we get to rest, bask in this happy season and relax.  Recharging will take place on Wednesday at 10 am with the Midweek Eucharist and Bible Study.  Centering Prayer at 5:30 pm.

Oh, and one more thing - Canning Jars - please bring any you can spare to the church and leave them in the basket by the Mailboxes.  And check your mailbox while you're there would you? 

Have a wonderful Easter.  It's the best day ever!

Flower Pearson