Messy Blessings

Where did the time go?  How did this happen so quickly?!

It seems like only yesterday I knelt at the altar on Christmas Eve and Reverend April asked if she could bless our little girl, only 3 months old and brought to us through the blessing of adoption.  Tears pooled in my eyes as she received her first blessing.  How glad I was we had this connection to a church family that would welcome this small child and in the following March, when her adoption was finalized, would stand with us and promise to support us in raising this small gift to the world. 

At first it was Wee Worship with sometimes only two families.  Now it is Messy Church and we have gathered with 40 plus.  I remain awed by how the ladies in the kitchen accommodate the unknown number for dinner.  There is never a question of whether the girls would like to come.  They love Messy Church.  They adore Rev Elizabeth, briefly called by our youngest, Emily Elizabeth, for those of you who know Clifford the Big Red Dog.  What tops the list?  The message and song, the crafts and cookie decorating, or the chicken nuggets?  Well, to be honest each of them on different days.  You know kids!

Last month I came with just the girls, hubbie being sick at home.  There are two girls now and the littlest will turn 6 this month.  Our mind blowing, life altering blessings through adoption.  This time I sat and shared with another Mom of two their recent challenges of unemployment.  I only had to get up a few times to supervise the girls’ play as they are older now.  My apologies to the family who were told by my precocious youngest that “all the toys were hers”.  I didn’t think about that when I cleaned out our toy shelf and made so many donations to the toy bank.  I will have another discussion about how we were not using them, we can always borrow them back and how we don’t need to share all our secrets!

But what really registered this visit was despite our youngest still having a hard time staying in her seat during Elizabeth’s message, (Thank you Elizabeth for being so flexible as to how and from where in the church the children receive your words!), it wasn’t my children zooming around the tables, banging out tunes on the piano with childhood abandonment, or squealing with delight.  We have grown, changed and those antics are now provided by others. 

How delightful to see this community growing and changing and for new families to take on that role as we move into a new stage.  And these are the reasons why, while other churches may be closer to us, All Saints stays in our hearts, feeds our souls and pulls us back so we just can’t stay away for long.

With thanks from the Allwoods, Lori, Neil, Tia & Ilaria




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