The Week Ahead (and a bit about last week too..)

What an amazing beautiful day.  I defy anyone to feel anything but blessed today!

Having said that of course, we gather tomorrow to say goodbye to Al Bruinink, a much loved and long-time member of All Saints.  Although not entirely unexpected it’s just as tough for those left behind and we join together to pray for peace as they experience the grief of loss.  The service is at 2 pm, Saturday 3 April 2016.

The mural continues to develop at Messy Church ... this week we added the butterflies as we heard the story of Easter.

The mural continues to develop at Messy Church ... this week we added the butterflies as we heard the story of Easter.

The sadness of Al’s death was juxtaposed this Easter by an amazing Messy Easter service.  Around 65 people attended to play, create, make a joyful noise, eat together and enjoy fellowship.  I know it’s very likely that the free food is a great attraction but hey!  Whatever gets people in to hear the Good News is ok by me!  I don’t know how Jesus reached you, but for me it started with me looking for a place that could meet my  needs – at that time my need was an hour of peace while I sat and sang and they took care of my baby for me.  That was it!  That’s how I heard the news.  I wasn’t looking for Jesus, I was far too cool for that, but I needed help, and oh my gosh – I’m so grateful for that simple act that opened the door to so much more than I could have asked or imagined.    

Speaking of childcare – we could use some help with our little ones.  We are honoured to have a few quite small people in our church family now.  Could you spend an hour in the Narthex administering love, care and fishy crackers?  If so, please sign up on the sheet outside the office.  Thank you. 

Next week the Men’s Fellowship meet at 6 pm on Tuesday 5 April 2016.  Bring your appetite and enjoy the friendship of these lovely gentlemen (in the very truest sense of the word). 

At 10 am on Wednesday 6 April we meet in the Narthex for the midweek Eucharist and Bible Study.  This is the right time of year for an amazing display as the sunlight pours in through the stained glass windows in the chapel during the service. 

Thursday is the day for the Parish Health Care Team to meet at 9:15 am.  Do you have a prayer request?  You can e-mail the office, talk with one of the team or write it in the book beside their office.  The Craft Group meet at 10:30 am to chat and work together.  The group seems to be growing.  We’re going to need a bigger table very soon! 

Just one more thing - we host the Delta Prayer Breakfast here on Monday 11 April 2016 at 8 am.  If you can offer some muffins or juice for refreshments please bring them on Sunday or talk to Liz Macdonald.  But more to the point, come and take part.  It’s great to think of a network of prayer being created over all of Delta. 

Flower Pearson