The Deliciously Chocolate Covered Week Ahead

Spring Fling – it’s coming up FAST!!!  Please let Pat Sallis know if you can help in any way, even if it’s just with clean up, set up or places to put posters to advertise the event.  Thank you!

Low battery - we all know that feeling..

Low battery - we all know that feeling..

Elizabeth is away at a Clergy Conference next week.  The poor darling has to go and stay in a hotel in Whistler for the week.  Let us all gather and pray for her to return to us!  No seriously, this woman is in desperate need of a change of scene and some rest.  Her batteries need recharging and I’m sure this will help a lot.  But it sure will be quiet around here next week! 

Next Tuesday 19 April at 6 pm we host our monthly Community Meal.  Feel free to come and help.  This is one of our most important outreach ministries.  The people are not just looking for food, but for connections, ties to our community and fellowship.  You can help provide all those things simply by turning up and being you (and lending a hand if you feel like it).

On Wednesday 20 April we meet at 10 am for the Eucharist and Bible Study. 

Centering Prayer is at 5:30 pm.

And that’s it until Saturday 23rd April at 4 pm when it’s time for Messy Church again.  A gentle introduction to church for small people.  This month we look at Jesus’ healing ministry.  Should be good! 

Don’t forget, the Chocolate Festival on Sunday 24 April at 2 pm – get your tickets ASAP!  The perfect opportunity to spend some time together while eating chocolate guilt-free – come on … do it for the Church!  Throw yourself on that delicious grenade!


Flower Pearson