.... Spring Update ....

Welcome to Jill S

Jill is our new Bookkeeper.  Jill comes to us with good references and an excellent background in this field of ministry.  She will be working in the office one morning per week.  Should you have any queries please call or e-mail the office and Flower will pass them along.  Welcome Jill, we are delighted to have you join our team.
For those of you, who might be like me, I asked the question “What does a bookkeeper do?”  In a nutshell, the bookkeeper writes the cheques and posts the bills – while our Treasurer (Pat Dempsey) organizes the balance sheet and keeps track of spending.

Welcome Penny B

After an amazing ministry of more than 15 years, our Envelope Secretary Sue Towsley has passed the reins to Penny B (you all know Penny!)  Penny accepted this ministry also coming with previous experience as an Envelope Secretary in another Diocesan Parish.  Thank you both for keeping us “on track” with our envelope giving’s and offering your hours of work so generously.

Order of the Diocese of New Westminster

Thank you all for your submissions for candidates for the Order of the Diocese of New Westminster (ODNW).  The Parish Council would like to share the latest news on this process.  There were four candidates and the Parish Council would gladly affirm all four as likely recipients.  However, the Diocese will only allow one application from the Parish.  The Bishop will nominate ten candidates per year – least year Denise Hambidge was the Bishop’s nominee and Marion Burnett was our Parish nominee.  So, taking the applicants in order of receiving the application, the Parish Council is delighted to put forth Liz McD as our candidate for this year.
The applicants are screened and selected by the Diocesan Council and later in the year the list of nominees will be published.  The Order will be conferred on November 5, 2017.

And finally some building news ….

The Renovation Committee is working to confirm a contract with a local builder to begin work on the “flat-roof” by mid June/July.  We are also working with a roofing “expert” to ascertain the best way to install passive air-flow in the sanctuary of the Church.  We are constantly seeking professional advice and raising the needed issues of drainage around the building as well.
Stay tuned for further details … and let’s keep praying for our faithful journey together.


Flower Pearson