Spring Clean up - let's get to work ..

I expect we will meet on Saturday 23rd April at Messy Church (4pm) or Sunday 24th at 2 pm for the Chocolate Festival (I’ll be the one upside down in the chocolate fountain) and I want to hear you say “I read the blog and I’m working on finding some stuff for the Spring Fling – thanks for the useful reminder”.  You are welcome to add “I’ve been meaning to tell you Flower, you really are an excellent addition to the human race” or something too if you like.

Pat Sallis is gathering items for the Spring Fling.  She wants: baked goods, jams and jellies, white elephant/attic treasure type stuff, house plants, plants from your yard and garden décor, things for the “new to you” table, books, games, that thing that sits in your cupboard but you never use … we all have them.  Bring them in, de-clutter your house and help Just Imagine while you’re at it.  AND while you’re doing that you can carry around a box labeled “shredding”.  If you find any old bank statements, tax forms, receipts, blah blah blah, stick them in the box and keep adding to it until the Shredding Day on June 4th.  I’m currently working to convince my husband that he probably won’t ever need his student union membership files again.  If you need help getting things to the church call me at the office and I will arrange pick up.  Let’s purge people!  It’s so cathartic!

Note: add one more labelled "Shredding" - I couldn't find a picture for that!

Note: add one more labelled "Shredding" - I couldn't find a picture for that!

Next week is quiet.  We will need to chill after the sugar crash after all (though it will be totally worth it).

On Wednesday 27 April we meet for Eucharist and Bible Study at 10 am, Centering Prayer at 5:30 pm and the Parish Council meets in the library/Peace Room at 7 pm. 

On Thursday 28 April the Craft Group meet at 10:30 am ish.

See?  It’s very quiet next week.

But not for you .. you will be busy filling boxes with “stuff” you don’t need and bringing them to the Church right?  Good! 

Flower Pearson