Prepare to Fling

I’m not feeling my best today, it’s just a cold but I’m snarly and should definitely have some “caution – approach at your own risk” signs around me today.  In the true spirit of Christian brotherhood Elizabeth and I have shared our germs and have both been at home for part of the week.  Please accept this as a blanket apology for all the things I was supposed to do this week, and haven’t. 

Last week’s chocolate festival was a great success.  We raised nearly $900 but even better we got to spend some time together and have some fun.  Thank you to everyone who supported the event.  Especially Audrey Calvori and her daughters for their demonstration of chocolate making.  It was most impressive.  And delicious. 

This Sunday we have two baptisms at the 10 am Eucharist.  I hope you can all come and support our newest members of All Saints – Isabelle Scott and Isaiah Cameron, they are both adorable little people and truly “fearfully and wonderfully made”.

On Tuesday 3 May the Men’s Fellowship Group meet for dinner at 6 pm.  The sign-up sheet is on the board.

On Wednesday at 10 am we meet for the midweek Eucharist and Bible Study.  I’m really enjoying watching that group grow in numbers and friendship.  You’re missing out if you have never been.

The Spring Fling set up will begin on Wednesday.  There’s lots to do so if you can lend a hand please do however it has to be said, some of us have no talent for setting up this stuff – my own contribution to Spring Fling involves turning up on the day, with my wallet and I have to admit, I really am naturally gifted.

That’s it.  I’m going home to climb into bed and wallow in self-pity and Vic's Vaporub now.  Enjoy your weekend and I’ll see you at the Spring Fling!

Flower Pearson