Lord Preserve Us

It’s Thursday already? 

The hall is being filled with all manner of goodies for the Spring Fling on Saturday 7 May at 9 am.  Do not forget.  I will be there at 9 am on the dot and I have my eye on all the best stuff – so don’t wait too long!

I am also in charge of quality control at the baked goods table.  I take my job very seriously.

Next week is fairly chill after the double baptism last weekend and the preparations for Spring Fling (yes I am trying to hammer that home).  We all need a breather.

Regular 8:30 am and 10 am services on Sunday 8 May 2016.  Come and be grateful for all the mothering you have given and received over the years.  One dictionary defines mothering simply at “nurturing”.  The art of which is most certainly not confined to those who have given birth or even to women.  But it is a blessing both to give and receive such a thing.

On Tuesday 11 May 2016 the Ladies Dinner Group meet at 6:00 pm (sign up on the board).  Join them and make some new connections.

On Wednesday we meet at 10 am for Midweek Eucharist and Bible Study which gets more lively and interesting by the week.  If you feel guilty for not coming don’t, but you would certainly be doing yourself a favor if you could be there.

And that, my friends, is that!  All is peace and calm.  Until Sunday, 15 May -  Pentecost, the “Birthday of the Church” with much cheerful celebration and (hopefully) birthday cake.    

I also want to let you know that although we are of course joining in prayer for the people of Fort McMurray.  The PWRDF has also already stepped with more practical support for the community (more info here).  If you wish to make a donation to PWRDF you can do so either on-line or by leaving a cheque or cash in an envelope at Church on Sunday – make sure to mark it clearly for PWRDF on the memo line.

Flower Pearson