This Week at All Saints

Don’t forget to turn up on Saturday between 10 am and 2 pm with your stuff for shredding.  Just imagine getting rid of all those boxes of confidential rubbish!  It will feel good.  You have my personal guarantee.



On Sunday we have our Quiet Communion at 8:30 am followed by the Family Eucharist at 10 am.  This week we are delighted to have a baptism of a very beautiful small person to celebrate.  Please encourage guests to sign the guest book and show them the binders in the pew so they can find out more about us.

Also on Sunday, The Delta Community Music School is holding their recital here from 1:30-4:30 pm.

On Tuesday the Men’s Fellowship meet for a take out supper at 6 pm.  Sign up on the board.

On Wednesday at 10 am we have our usual midweek Eucharist – this week taken by the Reverend Maggie Rose Muldoon.  Unfortunately there won’t be a Bible Study this week as Dudley is away – what I want to know is – who has he arranged to come and vacuum my office?  The floor won’t clean itself Dudley!

Centering Prayer is cancelled on Wednesday for a private family service in the narthex.

On Thursday the Craft Group will meet at 10:30 am.

Friday is quiet everywhere except my office, where frantic activity will take place.  Luckily,  I won’t be here – I’m going to embarrass a friend by woo-hooing at her graduation service. I heard recently that the throwing of mortarboards had been banned at grad events due to safety concerns.  Really?  These people are graduating - you'd hope they would be able to outsmart a hat! 

Oh, one more thing, we have just sent off a cheque to the PWRDF for $250 which will go directly to the “Greenhouses in Cuba” project.  Thank you all very much.

Flower Pearson