Remember when we thought we could just update the All Saints kitchen and bathroom and all would be well?  Ha ha!  How naive it all seems now.  It seems with every step we take we discover another issue, and on investigating that issue, we find still more!   However, God didn't exactly skimp on groundwork or planning did he (see Genesis 1:1 - Malachi 4:5) so I guess it's just good stewardship to make sure we're not "building our house upon the sand".  But my gosh is it ever boring.  And really frustrating.  I know to God a day is like a thousand years but to me a day is just a day and patience is not my strong point!  The fire of enthusiasm is hard to maintain while hearing about drainage inspections, roof angles and air flow.  It will all be worth it though!  I suspect God has a few surprises in store for us with this.  I'm sure we will have to change our plans to accommodate various issues and I'm equally sure those very accommodations will turn out to be blessings for the future.  Hmmmm .. actually, that is pretty exciting!  Look out for a detailed update next week.

This week at All Saints we join together on Wednesday 20 July at 10 am for Eucharist and Bible Study.  Spiritual Gatorade.

On Thursday 21 July the Parish Health Care Team meet at about 9:15 am and the Craft Group at 10:30 am

Just so you know .... there is a wedding rehearsal on Friday 22 in the afternoon and the wedding takes place on Sunday afternoon with Graham Witcher as Celebrant. ..

Happy Friday!


Flower Pearson