Enquiring Minds Want to Know ...

As you know the Renovations Committee has been working busily away in the background.    Work is underway to assess the repair needed to address the drainage under the church as well as the flat-roof repair. To read more on the current status of the project click here.

We have been telling people the story of our ministry and as a direct result people in the community are joining us to carry out our ministry. This week our neighbor Bob Chancey of Remax dropped off a donation and promised a 10% donation for every house sold given either to All Saints or to the sellers choice.

The “Thrifty Smile Cards” are up and running. I loaded mine the other day and spent $100 on groceries. The good part is that All Saints will receive a 5% of my purchase amount as a donation.

Within our own community, our response to God’s calling has been to raise funds in the order of close to $195,000, monies that will be used for repair and renovation of the church.

We are feeling the Ladner love!

We are feeling the Ladner love!

What an amazing response to God’s calling to Worship; teach the faith; feed the hungry, tend the sick and nurture the young! All this is achieved by working together, all hands to help build a healthy and safe building through which we minister and serve God’s people.


Flower Pearson