Official Renovation News

Reno News to July 14, 2016

There is lots happening and about to happen on Renovations.  Your Renovations Committee has been busy since the February Vestry Meeting.

In late June, BC Building Science completed a thorough inspection of Sanctuary, Annex and Hall roofs.  A report is expected not later than July 20th with recommendations on restoration and repairs.  It is expected that work will commence in September with replacement of the roof over the Annex and repairs to the Sanctuary roof.

With the assistance of our architect, a new permanent concrete access ramp has been designed to replace the current temporary ramp.  The Resources Committee has been preparing an application to a federal grant program to address accessibility issues.  The application will apply for funding for a new code compliant access ramp; four automatically operated exterior access doors; and a new washroom.  The washroom is that proposed for the kitchen renovation program and will be located approximately where the Sunday school/storage room is currently.  Our architect has prepared drawings of all these for the application.  We are looking forward to a positive response to the grant application.

This week Cambie Roofing and Drainage provided a quote to investigate the subsurface perimeter drainage system around our buildings, to determine why crawl spaces are damp and in some locations wet.  Parish Council has decided to proceed.   Cambie were recommended by BC Building Science. They will dig six test pits around the building perimeter and do some roto-routing in drainage pipes in an attempt to determine why the drainage system is not effective.