This is what we are doing at All Saints Anglican Church in Ladner ...






We have been engaged in a conversation together seeking to

answer the question — “What does God want us to do?”

 We have heard the parishioners say (over 90% participation):

  A) Teach the Christian faith.

  B) Nurture the young families and children.

  C) Feed those who are hungry, for food and fellowship.

  D) Care for the sick and shut-in.

  E) Worship with great joy.

Caring for one another

Caring for one another

Knowing we wish to enhance these aspects of our ministry, we need to consider the resources needed to accomplish all that God has called us to do.  Jesus said, “Go and see [what you already have]” in the story told about the “Loaves and Fishes”.

When we began to look at the resources we already have, we had a closer look at our splendid church that was rebuilt in 1985, the Parish Hall and central core of the buildings (with bathrooms and kitchen) constructed in the ‘60’s and repaired in ’85. We also encountered the energy and passion of the people who see All Saints as their faith community, more than 125 families.

However, just like playing dominoes, we began to see some things that were in need of repair, such as the central flat roof that is presently leaking, a kitchen that would be repaired so that it would be able to provide for the amount of cooking that happens for the community, the plumbing, the drainage under the church… and on the story went.

Feeding the hungry

Feeding the hungry

The next step was to ask what resources each person would be able to give – over a three year period (2015 – 2017) either as a one time gift or a weekly or monthly gift.  Some would not be able to give by financial means but there are many other ways to give… helping at concerts and receptions, lending a hand to prepare for ministry for everyone, and EVERYONE can join in the prayers! Not a prayer for MY vision of God’s church but God’s vision for God’s church here at All Saints Ladner!

Nurturing the young

Nurturing the young

Resources and prayers have begun to flow to enable ministry to happen. The Parish Vestry has affirmed that the roof must be repaired, and so we are in the “queue”! We are waiting for a roofing specialist to complete a contract and the work should begin as soon as possible. Our goal as a parish has been that we would work according to expert advice and as our finances and resources would permit.

As of the mid-way point in our three year project (2015 – 2017) we have gathered almost $200,000 to attend to structural repairs and renovation to the church buildings. We have made the decision not to indebt our children and future generations for the needed repairs. Now, we are asking the questions:

      What are the priority areas needing to be repaired?

What can we afford to accomplish at this time?

Someone will ask, how much do you need to do it all? But we are asking – will you help to support the ministry through All Saints Anglican church?  

 We affirmed that our “Just Imagine Ministry Plan” would include building repair as well as Christian programming and teaching. Here’s what you should look for in the coming months:

· Roof repairs to the flat-roof section of the hall and repairs to the main sanctuary roof.

· An examination of our “drainage system” with test pits being dug and Roto-Rooters being used to see why we have standing water under the church.

· We have completed a Government Grant application for an “Accessibility Grant” to help fund a front ramp access and a new accessible washroom off the hall.

· Events are planned for the fall to celebrate community with a Pot-Luck International Dinner (Sept 17th); a Giant Book Sale (October 1st); Our December 6th ROCCA Christmas Concert and of course our November 19th Poinsettia Bazaar.

· Funding from parishioners continues to come in and we are so thankful as a community for all the work that is accomplished with every dollar.

  We Anglicans are different!

  We Anglicans are different!

 We Anglicans are different in our approach to challenge but we believe that God will show us how to use our resources wisely and effectively so that the work will get done and God’s “will” be done.



Every contribution will mean that we can do more …

Just Imagine!


 Every one of God's Children building the Kingdom










Flower Pearson