In Praise of Routine!

My summer plan.

My summer plan.

I'm just about to put on my floppy hat, pack up my trashy novels and sunscreen and head off to sunny shores (well - Tsawwassen and White Rock beaches and Cultus Lake actually) so I'll make this quick ..

Summer has been wonderful.  Day after day of skating over my responsibilities in a very minimalist fashion (er .. not while I'm at work though -OBVIOUSLY) and enjoying apparently elastic days where dinner is at 10 pm and the kids go to bed at midnight ... or not.  We've watched crazy meteor showers and just generally loosened up and crashed out and all those other chillaxing euphamisms.

A rule to live life by

A rule to live life by

But I'm ready - I'm ready to roll my sleeves up and get back to work - one last splurge of bum-sitting and flapdoodling and I'm looking forward to the return of some hard work and routine.  There will be lots of things coming up at All Saints in the fall which I will list for you next week (in a pre-scheduled blog post - making me look hardworking while I'm actually poking stuff with a stick on the beach).

This week we host our Community Meal at 6 pm on Tuesday 23 August.  Come and enjoy the good food and company.

On Wednesday 24 August the midweek Eucharist at 10 am followed by Bible Study will be going on as usual.

On Thursday 25 August the Craft Group will meet at 10:30 am ish in the hall.

All this will happen in spite of the fact that me and my ego are not here to hold it all together.  Irritatingly, you probably won't even notice! 

Happy Friday!

Flower Pearson