Praise him on the trumpet ....

Written by Glynis Thurley

Mum and I came to All Saints from another parish when I was 13.  The rector at the time was Donald Gordon.  There were many things for the youth of the parish to get involved with such as youth group and musical activities.  Mum and I decided to go on our first social activity - the Parish weekend camping getaway.  I was excited as I was told to bring musical instruments we could play.  The trip was to Camp Fircom on one of the Gulf Islands.  Since it was going to be on an Island, I thought I would bring my trumpet.

The journey involved traveling to Horseshoe Bay and going on a boat to the Island itself.  Not a ferry.  A small fishing type boat.  As the boat was small it could not carry a lot of passengers so we were split into groups. 

While crossing to the Island there happened to be a bit of a storm.  The wind was blowing, the rain was coming down, and the waves were high.  The boat was rocking back and forth and mum was starting to look a little green - too much so for my liking!  I decided to do something to distract her so started a conversation with Ernie Burnett.  We talked about school and extra curricular activities and mentioned that I was learning trumpet.  Ernie seemed very interested and I told him I had brought the trumpet with me.

Yikes!  Just .... yikes.

Yikes!  Just .... yikes.

On arriving at Camp Fircom we discovered that we would have to walk to the campsite.  There was one vehicle on the Island - an old pick-up truck which was used to transfer the luggage, the elderly and the very young if they were unable to walk.  The youth group were split by gender and put in a couple of the many cabins sans parents.  We had a lot of fun and it was an opportunity for me to meet others in the parish that were my age. 

The next night we were going to have some entertainment so it was time for me to "dig out" my trumpet.  I had been so engaged in all that had been going on so far that I had failed to notice what happened to my trumpet after I put it on the boat.  I was frantic!  I looked and looked and was dreading telling mum I had lost it.  I approached her with some apprehension and found her in conversation with Ernie Burnett.  When I broke the news she was disappointed but I noticed that Ernie was listening intently to our discussion. 

I spent the rest of the weekend worrying and wondering what on earth had happened to my precious instrument.  I never found it even when we arrived back at Horseshoe Bay!

The next Sunday when we arrived at All Saints, Ernie was standing there waiting with a big impish smile on his face, and in his hands - my trumpet!  He then stated that since the camping trip was supposed to be peaceful and he knew I was intending to play reveille every morning,  he had hidden it!  He said he needed his beauty sleep! 

Most Unpopular Man at Camp.  Always.

Most Unpopular Man at Camp.  Always.

To this day I haven't forgotten that weekend and the mischievous welcome from Ernie Burnett and my All Saints family.

Flower Pearson