Dressed for Success!

Last week someone asked me how it felt "to be a millionaire?".  She was referring to the house prices of course and how much equity and blah blah blah we all have now.  She seemed delighted for me and obviously was trying to congratulate us on what she considered to be our success.  But actually, it makes me feel a bit sick.  I have done NOTHING.  NOTHING - I haven't pulled myself by my bootstraps or worked hard and educated myself.  It seems hideous that the wealth of the world is so skewed that you can get rich just by living in a house.  It's not fair!!!  As if living in a warm comfortable home isn't enough.   I have always been perplexed by what it means to be successful.

I read this today - "There is only one success - to be able to spend your life in your own way"  Christopher Morley. 

A few days ago I saw a couple walking down Ladner Trunk Road with those pole thingies.  You know the ones that look like this?

"Val-deri,Val-dera.  My knapsack on my back." 

"Val-deri,Val-dera.  My knapsack on my back." 

The couple not only had the poles but it was a chilly morning and they both had hiking jackets, backpacks (not the ornamental, brightly coloured ones - I'm talking serious leather and canvas things) and hiking boots with those special socks that come up to just below the knee.  I sniggered ungraciously as I always do (I know, I know .. pole walking is an excellent way of exercising etc etc BUT - it looks funny.  It just does.  Especially in Ladner, the flattest place in the world) and drove on.  Later I saw them again - braving the wilds of Save-On parking lot and venturing into the back country wilderness of the BC Liquor Store.  

I'm sorry to say this made me laugh more than was polite.  But in the light of that quote I realise that couple was a complete success.  One day I hope I too will possess such lack of self consciousness as to follow their example. 



Flower Pearson