Brace yourselves!

There's rather a lot coming up during the fall, so I suggest your fetch your diary right now.

Ready?  Then I'll begin ...

Sunday Services are at 8:30 am and 10 am on 11 September.  Come and reconnect.

On Tuesday 13 September at 6:00 pm our Ladies Dinner Group meets in the hall.  They would be delighted to see you.  There is a sign up sheet on the board to help plan things a bit so please sign up.

He he ..

He he ..

On Wednesday 14 September at 10 am we meet for the usual Midweek Eucharist and Bible Study.  Our little group seems to just keep growing and growing.  I'm not complaining but the passing of the peace is beginning to go on a bit!  My arm gets tired!

Centering Prayer returns on the same date at 5:30 pm in the Narthex.

On Thursday 15 September at 9:15 am our Parish Health Care Team meets for prayer and to reach out to anyone needing a little support.  Contact Sue Paege or Liz McDonald if you would like to participate or request help.

The Craft Group meets on Thursday at 10 am for creativity with company.

Get a red pen now - this is important

Saturday 17 September at 5:30 pm - International Buffet Dinner.  We meet in the hall to celebrate our Church Family and our combined heritage.  Please bring a dish from your country of origin to share. 

I will be bringing Coronation Chicken - so please don't bring that - it's bound to be better than mine!  See you there! 

Coronation Chicken - geddit?

Coronation Chicken - geddit?

Flower Pearson