Round Robin

I know lots of people send yearly update letters along with Christmas cards, and over the years I’ve seen a few good ones (probably).  Unfortunately the only ones I actually remember are the ones where the primary motive seems to be relentless self-congratulation served with sickening smugness and not-very-subtle bragging disguised as “a family update”.  Personally, I rather feel that if you have to update someone on a whole year of your family news, they probably really aren’t that interested in you or your “Jocasta and her twin brother Giles BOTH got triple firsts at Cambridge whilst simultaneously discovering a cure for leprosy and digging a well in Africa” type news.

However, having said all that – I now present the opposite of a Round Robin - a sort of "Square Fish" if you will.    A roundup of 2016 at All Saints - you have been VERY busy!  Prepare for smugness overload.  Click on the pictures below for a reminder of 2016. 

Look at this stuff!  It’s amazing!  AND it’s not including all the regular stuff – Parish Health Care Team meetings, Community Meals, Fellowship Dinner groups, Craft Groups, Delta ECU Services etc etc. 

When I first started this job a few people here said “this is an aging Parish – not an awful lot goes on”.  I disagree and I’m impressed with the amount of Ministry that goes on here.  I can barely keep up!




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