Coming Up This week at All Saints

First - BUY YOUR TICKETS FOR THE ROBBIE BURNS DINNER!!!  They are selling at a steady pace and you don't want to miss seeing Rod Asher in a kilt, addressing a collection of meats. 

On Tuesday 17 January at 6 pm you can dine out for free at All Saints at our Community Meal.  Spread the word .... All Are Welcome.

On Wednesday - our "Oasis in the desert" Eucharist and Bible Study at 10 am.  Centering Prayer at 5:30 pm and the Parish Council meet at 7:00 pm.

The Parish Health Care Team will be here on Thursday 19 January at 9:15 am ish.  Is there anything you would like to ask them?  E-mail us or talk to the team on Sunday. 

And finally this BUY YOUR TICKETS FOR THE ROBBIE BURNS DINNER!!!  You don't want to miss starchy vegetables that have been hit with a stick and offal in a bag.  I promise it tastes WAY better than it sounds - in fact it tastes so great that it has it's own ceremonial music. 

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