The Week Ahead

As you can imagine things are going to get busy around here this week.  The kitchen and hall are being finished off and the Bazaar is only one week away. 

As always there's a few last things needed.

The Silent Auction baskets are looking beautiful and well stocked EXCEPT the Movie night, Cocktail party, Tea lovers and Sweet tooth baskets.  If you have anything you could add to those please bring it in ASAP.  All other donations are welcome too! 

Also, if anyone would like to help put the baskets together we will be starting to do it

THIS MONDAY Nov. 13th 9:30am-12:30pm

Other events next week are as follows

The Ladies Dinner Group meets at 6 pm on Tuesday 14 November at 6 pm.  The evening will be hosted by Marion B and Helen D.

Our usual OASIS Eucharist and Bible Study will take place on Wednesday 15th November at 10 am.  Come and recharge your peace battery.  The busier you are - the more you probably need to come!

Happy Friday!


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