Holier Than Thou

Since it’s Lent I was wondering what I should give up.  What tiny sacrifice should I make to demonstrate to you (and to myself) that I am slightly more righteous and pious than you?

Behold my train of though.  Wrecked.

Behold my train of though.  Wrecked.

Seriously – the train of thought went something like this: 

“What should I do for Lent?  Oh I could give up alcohol”

“nah, that would suck”

“Ok how about Facebook?”

“You’re kidding me right?” 

“Well, I don’t know then – it’s got to be something that I really miss...How about criticism, or judgement or complaining?”

“But .. what on earth would I talk about if I stopped all that?  No – that won’t work”

“I could give up buying anything that I don’t need right now”

“But I always NEED things right now”

In the end I quit trying to think of things to quit.  That was my sacrifice.  WOW. 

On the subject of quitting though – I’ve always been really into quitting.  Giving up comes naturally and I’ve been blessed with the gift of a very short attention span along with zero self-control and an attitude of perfectionism.  A ‘winning’ combination I think you will agree. 

A friend of mine was telling me how he escaped after an accident caused his truck to go off the road and end up in the river.  It was quite the story!  I literally never knew you could survive that.  It’s one of my absolute worst fears and I always just thought “well, if it happens, there’s no point in trying to escape, you might as well just try and get it over with quickly by bashing your head on the steering wheel or something”, but here is someone telling me they came through that.  I’m all discombobulated now.  It’s almost as if it’s always worth the effort to strive, to try, to fight seemingly insurmountable things …

"Thish ish a Bonding exshperience"

"Thish ish a Bonding exshperience"

This brings me to the soon-to-start renovations here at All Saints.  When we first began talking about "Imagine More" I was new to this job -  it seemed terribly exciting until I heard the words “three year plan” at which point I pretty much stopped listening (sorry).  But look where we are now – I’m so happy to be wrong again.  Work should start on 1 June!  But obviously God has used this as much more than a fund-raising exercise.  So many of you have been involved in coming up with ideas, working together, inviting friends to join you at events, and bringing your talents to the table.  Yes we’ve raised money but the cementing of relationships within the All Saints family is far more remarkable to me.  This has been a bonding experience and an easy way to talk about who we are and what we do with our friends, neighbours and the wider community.

I know the process is far from over, there’s more work to do with all the bathroom updates and I’m glad the work continues.  When we reach our goal I’m afraid we will lose something greater and I don’t want to give that up.