News Ahoy!!!

This Sunday we welcome the Reverend Peter Smyth, Chaplain for the Mission to Seafarers (cue terrible sea-related puns).  DO NOT FORGET to change your clocks and be late and bad tempered on arrival at Church.  We can all frown at one another across the pews while passing the peace with wet fish handshakes, or we can just wave I guess.

On Monday 13 and Tuesday 14 March All Saints is off-limits to all but the most important and vital people (ie me - I will be octupi-ing the office). 

On Wednesday 15 March we set sail on the good ship Hambidge.  Join us at 6 pm for supper and stay for teaching and Evensong at 7 pm.  Learn what all those weird churchy-words mean - things like Propitiation, Ordinance and Expiation. 

On Thursday the Pastoral Health Care Team put out the gangplank at 9:15 am and welcome aboard anyone who needs prayer or more practical support.  If you would like to join them please let us know.  I'm sure you would all get along swimmingly.

The Craft Group also meet on Thursday at 10:30 am - making things for sail during the year.

Apologies for the puns - and the sinking feeling? 

Apologies for the puns - and the sinking feeling? 

Our wonderful Taize service is on Friday 17 March at 7 pm.  Come and sea if you like it (you will).

Ok, I need to get on now, I'm drowning in paperwork and twitching like a nervous wreck.  I should have got all this done schooner but now I'm sunk!

By the way did you know In ancient times, seagoing vessels were much more fuel efficient?  They got thousands of miles to the galleon.






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