Church Family Barbecue - Be there!

Whenever a “family gathering” was announced in my younger years it was greeted with a distinct lack of enthusiasm and a groan of disavowal.  Spoiled as we were we actually moaned about how these functions always had to be held at our place in spite of the fact that ours was the obvious choice – it was huge and had beautiful views and surroundings (poor us eh?!)  I can’t actually remember just what the problem was and why we were so un-supportive.  Perhaps it had something to do with being fairly introverted and having to be “on” for an entire weekend of entertaining but I think it was more to do with the fact that we had to welcome and accommodate myriad people we did not enjoy, merely because of some ancient genetic link.

It is a testament to my mother’s patience and good breeding that she did not put us all up for adoption before the sound of that groan had dissipated!  How she refrained from slapping us repeatedly about the face and neck on such occasions I do not know.  She rarely loses her temper and I wonder how she expresses these feelings – but I will say her pastry is very, very thin so perhaps the rolling pin is the release mechanism. 

My point is that I now very, very fondly remember all those occasions.  It’s never good to be too insular or disinterested in the people who surround us and what better and easier way to get to know your extended family than to eat, drink and be merry while celebrating the very fact of your collective existence.

Obviously being so far from home I miss these things now and it’s makes me feel like the island no man is supposed to be. 

No man is an island but if they were - I'd want to be this one!

No man is an island but if they were - I'd want to be this one!

However – on Saturday 27 May we get to participate in an All Saints Messy Barbecue.  Our Sunday worshipers, the Wackos from the Wednesday Eucharist and Bible Study group as well as our Messy Church Families will be joining together for a barbecue – please make every effort to attend.  Messy Church is at 4 pm and the Barbecue will start at 5 pm.  Burgers etc will be provided but please bring something to share.

YAY!  A family gathering!

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