End of Summer? Of corset is!

First off - don't forget about our Community Meal - August 22 at 6 pm, here at All Saints.  Bring a friend and enjoy a night off from cooking and clean up courtesy of your Church Family.

Erratic failing indeed

Erratic failing indeed

I don’t know about you but I’m ready to get back to some kind of routine.  Summer has been wonderful, relaxing and freeing, a time for re-creation and cutting loose and I was SO looking forward to it, but I’m done now.  It’s like taking off a corset (I imagine) – it feels amazing for a while and you wonder how you ever managed to bear the constraint, but after a bit you feel shapeless,  flabby and unformed.  It’s time to lace up my stays again I think.  Obviously after about a week I’ll be whining about how I hate to be tied to the clock and moaning about life being one thing after another and never having any freedom, but from here it looks great – like a liner steaming purposefully off across the ocean, rather than the erratic flailing of oars on an inflatable dinghy.

Is it just me who constantly looks ahead and awaits a return to “normality”?  Well, if not – then here are a few things happening NOW which are worth thinking about and celebrating.

One – Elizabeth is back from her vacation this week (and looking amazingly refreshed and healthy by the way)!  I know how much everyone loves Douglas but it’s like when you’re left with your dad as a child and then your mum returns home.  Normal service has been resumed and it is pleasing - for no clearly definable reason.

Two – oh my goodness!  The kitchen!  As I write this there are people thudding about on the roof, more people banging things in the kitchen area, yet more people doing mysterious things in the grounds involving pipes and shovels, and even more people going in and out with various things that beep, wire cutters and metal things.  It’s all very exciting and, since I understand nothing of what is going on, it’s kind of magical to see the previously unformed space slowly transforming.  I guess the building is having it’s ‘foundation garment’ replaced as well and will soon be ready to set majestic sail once more. 



Three – Though this is probably not very celebratory for you – I’m going on vacation for two weeks.  We’ll be camping, fishing and canoeing (by the way whoever decided to use the verb ‘canoeing’ instead of ‘canoodling’ really missed an opportunity don’t you think?  Perhaps I should say they missed the boat!!  Sea what I did there?)

Right – that’s enough sea faring metaphors and puns. 

Permission to disembark Sir?

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