Basket Case

Each year our Poinsettia Bazaar brings many local people into All Saints.

This fundraising event supports All Saints by helping pay for essential maintenance costs and also provides funds for local charities such as PADS, OWL, Deltassist and others.

The Silent Auction is a big part of our fundraising and we appreciate your support. You can adopt a basket to take home and fill, or there are some suggested items below but your imaginative donations will all be VERY gratefully received!

Gift cards are always extremely useful.

Spa time – bubble bath, candles, skin care items

Sweet tooth - chocolate, ice cream toppings, candy

Arts and crafts – pens, pencils, adult colouring books, paper, how-to books, stamping kits

Tequila, wines, vodka – glasses, charms, ice cube trays, mixers, margarita ingredients

Baby – thermometer, bibs, toys, clothes, baby books, bath products

Family games night – games, candy

Children’s toys – lego, puzzles, tea set, farm set, this one’s easy!

Gardening - tools, seeds, markers, gloves, plant food, watering can

Gourmet chef – olive oils, truffle oil, book, spice mix, grilling plank

Clamato Caesar – celery salt, glasses, vodka, Worcester/ hot sauce

Teen – earbuds, make up, toques, texting gloves, candy, skin/hair products

Cleaning Products - silver cleaner, feather duster, beeswax

Movie Night – DVD’s, candy, popcorn and flavourings.

Coffee lovers – cafetière, syrups, travel mug

Cat/dog lover – bowls, treats, toys, bed

Tea lovers – teas, steepers, teapot

Romance – honestly – I have no idea


Wine, cheese & crackers

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