Stage a bake-a-thon

What is your specialty? Everyone has a thing they love to bake. My own personal favourite is ALL THE THINGS. However I am always loathe to have a lot of baked goods in the house - either I eat them all and get mad at myself or I don’t eat any and get mad at everyone else. So what is the solution to this perplexing issue? Easy - bake stuff - then bring it in for the bazaar! Perfect!

So - if you can bring in some cupcakes, squares, tarts, jam or marmalade, cookies, homemade candy, muffins, scones or whatever you enjoy, it would be very much appreciated. Please have them labelled - especially if they contain nuts.

Our baked goods stall is always extremely popular at the Bazaar so any donations will be gratefully received.

Thank you!

NewsFlower Pearson