November at All Saints

On Sunday 4 November, immediately following the 10 am Service, we will be meeting in the parish hall to hear from our M & M Committee. They have some important updates on their journey to refine All Saint’s Mission and Ministry as they work to create the new parish profile. Your input is vital to this process, but the Committee also wants to be sure everyone is kept informed and involved in the life of our church family as we look to the future of All Saints, Ladner.

This Sunday is especially apt as we celebrate All Saints Day together. This is also the time of year to consider our financial support as we look at creating our budget for 2019 - please check your mailbox for your intention form. I promise you will not be able to miss it (when you see the retina-burning colour you’ll understand what I mean).

Gentlemen of the Parish - it’s time for you to meet again on Tuesday 6 November at 6 pm. Sign up on the board and bring your appetite.

On Wednesday 7 November at 10 am the Eucharist and Bible Study will be held in the Narthex. I’m told this week Dudley will be taking a good long look at Ruth during the Bible Study. Just in case you’re wondering - we do mean the biblical book of Ruth, it’s not some poor unfortunate lady who comes to Bible Study who we don’t think is paranoid enough.

On Thursday 8 November the entire building will be in use ALL DAY with various members of the Diocesan Clergy - sort of like a clerical pick-n-mix but holier. Please don’t plan on doing anything time or space consuming here on that day!

Don’t forget to change your clocks on Saturday night by the way! You don’t want to miss out on the chance to stay in bed late AND be on time for church - this is the one Sunday in the year where it’s not an either/or situation.

Have a good week!

NewsFlower Pearson