A couple of things you need to know …

Firstly - you’re new giving envelopes are in your mailbox in the Church. If you are expecting new envelopes but do not receive them, perhaps you haven’t given us your intention sheet yet? We’re working hard to create a budget for 2019 and obviously this is pretty difficult without any idea of our income. Remember - we’re not asking you to swear an oath (although I always do when someone asks me for money) you can make changes to your giving later if you wish, but we really want to know your intentions.

Secondly, and rather pathetically, has someone taken the three hole punch from the office? I miss it! Please bring it back before I have to go and put pictures around the neighbourhood asking for people to check their sheds and garages for any sign of my lost friend. Please note - there is no reward for it’s safe return.

Thank you, that is all.

Flower Pearson