Advent Three - Joy

Do you have a special Christmas memory? We all remember our childhood Christmasses, the excitement of stockings and the knowledge that you can get away with certain behaviours otherwise frowned upon. The memory I return to most is a peaceful one though. I think I was about 16 years old and I have a very vivid picture of walking home from midnight mass with my mum. We lived in the country, but close to the Church, so we could walk home down a quiet, unlit, country lane. It was frosty, the sky was very clear and the hedges either side of us were high. It felt like walking through a dark tunnel with a deep blue velvet ceiling. Looking up revealed the majesty of the heavens and there was a feeling of hushed excitement all around - the world was holding it’s breath with anticipation. As we continued along the lane a light came into view, the light from our house, signalling warmth, safety and comfort was very near. It felt very special. I enjoy unwrapping that memory of Christmas and the feeling of peaceful awe still envelopes me whenever I do. It’s funny that it’s that quiet moment that returns so easily, like a fly stuck in amber, with every detail still intact, when we work so hard to create memories that end up wilting along with the tree…

This Sunday is the third Sunday in Advent. We meet at 8:30 am and again at 10:00 am to celebrate the Eucharist and light the candle of joy.

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On Tuesday 18 December at 6 pm we host our monthly Community Meal. Come along and bring a friend. All are welcome!

On Wednesday 19 December we meet in the Narthex at 10 am for Eucharist and Bible Study. At 5:30 pm there is Centering Prayer.

On Thursday 20 December the Parish Health Team meet at 9:15 am ish. Let us know if you have any prayer requests.

I wish you a weekend filled with joy and all the wonders of Advent.

Written by Flower Pearson

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