Don't Cook Tonight!

Behold the Archkitten

Behold the Archkitten

Come to All Saints at 6:00 pm tonight (Thursday 1 March) and feed yourself in body, mind and spirit - it's the first session of Archbishop Douglas Hambidge's "Following With The Disciples" series.  There will be a light supper followed by Teaching and Evensong at 7:00 pm.  Join us for part or all of the evening.  On a slightly different subject - I love the term "Archbishop".  It forces me to picture Douglas either "forming a curved shape" being "playfully roguish or mischievous" - either way it's an awesome title.

all God's Creation.jpg

In other news - tomorrow (Friday 2 March) is the World Day of Prayer, this year hosted by Ladner United Church at 1 pm.  The theme is "All God's Creation is Very Good".

Rooted in Prayer, Called to Action

World Day of Prayer 2018 - written by the World Day of Prayer Committee of Suriname. 

On March 2, 2018, Christians in over 1,200 communities across Canada will gather to learn about, pray, and celebrate environmental issues in solidarity with the women of Suriname through the World Day of Prayer. Please join us and invite your friends and family to attend the World Day of Prayer 2018.


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