Larry the Listening Lobster

Remember Larry?  He was present at our Annual Vestry Meeting and Elizabeth asked us all to drop him a line (see what I did there?).


Larry is just a small lobster with dreams of becoming a larger and more effective lobster - he has already grown too big for his old shell and has become so uncomfortable that he had to go away and shed it, then he grew a new, larger shell and he is wondering ... "now what?".  The process of regeneration is beginning again.  And that's where we are here at All Saints right now.   We have a beautiful new facility to enable us to grow but we're taking a breather and considering "now what?".  That's where you come in - we (and Larry) want to hear from you.  What would you like to see happen at All Saints now.  For instance - should we allow local businesses to rent our kitchen as a place to prepare their products, should we let local community groups use it free of charge, should we keep it for our own ministries - and if so - what ministries would you like to see?  Obviously we want to share what we have - we don't want to be shellfish. 

At our Vestry Meeting you were all given an egg and a piece of paper.  Larry has been prayerfully considering his response to the "what next?" question.  He's going to write his ideas down and return them, inside his egg, on Easter Sunday.  We would all like you to do the same thing.  If you can't get to church you can contact us through the website, but please, as self appointed "Communications Director" respond to Larry as soon as possible. 

Call the Communications Director

Call the Communications Director

Have a crab-u-lous weekend. 


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