PWRDF Lent Focus 2018


What in the World …

For women in 12 villages in rural Tanzania, life is getting better. Many women would have to walk 6 to 8 kilometers round trip to get water for cooking, cleaning, or even irrigating their crops.

Boreholes- a practical solution

A borehole is a relatively simple, cost-effective way to dig down to the water table and provide water to up to 3000 people.  A simple hand pump is attached at the top of the pipe.  A hand pump is easier for the local people to learn to repair, and doesn’t require electricity to operate.

Did You Know …

For every dollar raised for a water project such as this, the Canadian Government will match the funding 6X?

Did you know one “borehole” costs $2000 to build?

Could we at All Saints Ladner help to fund one such “GIFT OF WATER?”

WEEK 1 – Feb 18-24    How many faucets are located in your home? Could you put aside $1.00 for each faucet (shower, kitchen ,laundry, bathroom, garden…)

WEEK 2 – Feb 25 – March 3    How many days did it rain/snow this week?  Could you put aside $2.00 for each day?

WEEK 3 – March 4 – March 10  How many loads of washing did you do this week? Could you put aside $2.00 for each load?

WEEK 4 – March 11 – 17  How many times did you water your plants this week? Could you set aside $2 for each time?

WEEK 5 – March 18 – 24  How many days was water available to you this week? Could you set aside $1.00 for each day?

WEEK 6 -   March 25 – 31 – HOLY WEEK

How many days did you have hot water this week? Could you donate $2.00 for each day?

TOTAL = An Offering to PWRDF for the purchase of  a “BOREHOLE” a watering system in    Tanzania

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