Things To Be Grateful For Number 2987

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This week I am HUGELY grateful for this thing - I don't know what you call them - but they are the door-holder-open thingies that stopped working after the floor was replaced in the lobby.  We bought some doorstops which didn't work, we put heavy things in front of the door which were successful in holding the door, but everyone fell over them.  My personal plan was to yell at the door every time it closed when I didn't want it to.  Guess what - that didn't work either.  Anyway, this week an angel arrived in the form of Doug with a screwdriver and fixed the door-holder-openers!  I've been walking up and down the hall unnecessarily and smirking at the door each time, knowing it has been defeated and in some pathetically minute fashion, I have won!  

Every child's first musical instrument.

Every child's first musical instrument.

The only door related activity that makes me happier is playing with one of these things - but I guess I should be grateful we don't have any of them in the building or I'd never get any work done at all.

In other news ... this Sunday we have The Venerable Andrew Pike as our guest while Elizabeth is away.  Come and meet him at 8:30 am or 10 am Worship Services (and take time to sail up and down the corridor with ease, unimpeded by an annoyingly slow-closing door).

On Tuesday 10 April our Ladies Dinner Group meets in the hall at 6:00 pm - there's a sign up sheet on the Welcome Board.

The OASIS Eucharist and Bible Study Group meets at 10 am on Wednesday 11 April and Centering Prayer takes place at 5:30 pm.

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Don't forget - next Sunday 15th April the Lift Every Voice concert is at 3 pm, this year it will be at Ladner Christian Reformed Church - further details here.

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Right, now I'm off to whizz up and down the lobby on my office chair.

If I keep practicing I might be able to beat Elizabeth soon. 

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