What Happens Next?

As you all know, Elizabeth will be leaving us in September.  There are lots of questions about the process we will follow as we search for our new Incumbent.  Hopefully the following will answer a lot of them!

It is God who is at work now – inspiring the hearts of priests who would like to come and share ministry here. Your elected representatives of Canonical Committee who are the Wardens, Synod Delegates and Alternates will choose a priest candidate. Hopefully this person will be in place by early fall.

But the work of the Parish in the coming months must be to continue the good work that has already begun… To become distracted by the question, “who will be our priest” is to undermine the work that is ours to undertake.

Our work will be to engage in discussions about “our history”, “who we are today” and “who we believe God is calling us to be in the months and years to come” (that is “what is God calling us to do?”)

These conversations will be “data” to inform the wider Anglican Community what All Saints believes its ministry is to be in the coming days. Once these conversations have happened and the voice of everyone has been heard – we can shout it from the rooftops that God is in charge, and we are choosing to be faithful in the direction that God leads us.

The Bishop enters the “process” and calls for the Canonical committee to meet and prepare the “Parish Profile”.

Once the profile is completed – using the information that we have all given – it is distributed around the Anglican Communion and once again the elected Canonical Committee is charged with interviewing candidates and making recommendations to the Bishop for an appointment to be made.

VERY IMPORTANT – everyone has a voice, and together in the coming months, our focus will be discernment of our ministry. “What is God calling us to do now that we have new resources to share”?

We will seek God’s will and trust that God will hold us all in this time of transition. Keep focused on the goal of faithfulness.

So, please, as you are able, plan to stay after church each Sunday in these next few weeks of summer to participate in answering some questions. Our first gathering will be on Sunday July 8, 2018. There will be “online” and “mail-in” opportunities too if you are travelling.

This is an exciting time for us all – and we have work to do together with joy and thanksgiving that God is with us every step of the way.


Flower Pearson