Ministry & Mission - The Results Are In


The Mission & Ministry Committee were very encouraged by the level of participation in these sessions.  It was an important part of our process to discern where God is leading us now.  Your participation played a vital part, and will have a long lasting effect on All Saints.

In this phase we were looking for your feedback as to how we have done so far in reaching the goals we set.  Suggestions for where we go next will be part of the next phase.


Many appreciative comments, especially for music and choir leadership. Sermons, prayers and how we make our offerings were all commended.  The 8:30 and 10am services, Messy Church, Wednesday mornings and Taize were appreciated.  The Hospital Service was mentioned, and positive comments made about lay participation, the inclusivity of our worship and our great sense of community.


While some were unaware of what is offered, others spoke warmly of help received.  Elizabeth and Liz were appreciated for ministries to the sick and shut-in, and Eucharist visits. Grief Workshops were well received.  Appreciation was shown for the Sunday Prayer Team, the Prayer Chain and the Health Team.


This was universally well received! There is awareness of growth in this area.  Appreciation was shown for sermons, the series Douglas provides, for the Wednesday Morning Bible study and for Mary-Catherine and Bob Fortuna’s sessions.


The Community Meal as ministry was commended, as was the simple meal before teaching sessions and on Maundy Thursday.  People recognize the value of meals as community building particularly in such events as Burns Night.  Sunday Coffee hour receives high marks. Concern was expressed about the lack of people to run these events.


Messy Church received may positive comments, although some still find it difficult to equate it with Sunday Worship. Having a coordinator was seen as a plus. People were impressed by what they heard of Messy Church, which was seen as essential, vital, thrilling and a key to the future.


This did not receive high marks, although some aspects were commended. Some felt communication among ourselves was good.  Elizabeth’s Optimist articles were praised.  The Blog had mixed reviews. Concern was raised about the lack of Ads in the Optimist and the lack of a good Website.


 In the light of what the congregation have said we will be asking where God is now leading us.

We will start this process in a few weeks, and will ensure that all groups have a chance to respond.

Carolyn Dodds, David Batchelor, Douglas Hambidge, Jennifer Scott, Peter Bayley

Flower Pearson