The Week Ahead

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For those of you who attended the “West Coast Farewell” Salmon Barbecue - I hope you enjoyed it. The food was delicious and the company was great. Not only that but there was more than enough food in spite of a few unexpected (but welcome) guests. It was a great occasion - thank you to Elizabeth and Susan for hosting and to our many young helpers. It really was a great family occasion and a fitting celebration of our time with Elizabeth.

This morning Elizabeth and I were in her office and I noticed how echoey it is in there now. It’s all empty of “stuff” but the air of suppressed excitement is very much in evidence! Just step in there and experience it for yourself - you can practically taste it! I quite understand - can you imagine how you would feel after 10 years of 4 am sailings on a Wednesday morning? I suspect Elizabeth and Susan will both get a new lease of life once the final, “official” move is made.

“Yes, I do teach recorder to children.  How did you guess?”

“Yes, I do teach recorder to children. How did you guess?”

Incidentally, I met our new Interim Priest yesterday. Not only is she charming but she is obviously a musical genius. I’m told she can play the recorder to a professional standard! As far as I’m concerned ANYONE who can make a recorder sound good is a rare and beautiful thing, so if she can bring out the best in a recorder - just imagine what she can do with us?! By the way, occasionally in my house I still come across the old school recorders. They are usually found behind the washing machine, or on top of an inaccessible cupboard. Almost as if someone hid them the moment they entered the house to prevent their kids from “playing” them during the summer months. Weird …

The week ahead is relatively peaceful.

On Wednesday 19 September we meet at 10:00 am Eucharist with OASIS Bible Study and later at 5:30 pm for Centering Prayer.

On Thursday 20 September at 9:15 am Pastoral Health Care Team meet in the Nurses room. The Craft Group meet in the hall at 10:30 am.

On Friday 21 September the hall will be in use all day - the Delta Youth Theatre Group will be using it to prepare for their show.


On Saturday 22 September at 4:00 pm we kick off the new year of Messy Church! This year the theme is “In The Beginning ….” Hmm, I wonder if apples and snakes will figure anywhere over the next few months? If you can help out at Messy Church please sign up on the Welcome Board or talk to Jennifer Scott. We can always use more hands.

Don’t forget - coming up on Tuesday 25 September at 6:00 pm - the Community Meal. Come along and bring a friend.

We await your presence ..

We await your presence ..

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