The Week Ahead at All Saints

If you're signed up to be at Elizabeth's barbecue on Saturday - I'll see you there!  We have a few nice young helpers who will be serving, cleaning up and going about being sweet and friendly.  I'll be helping out too but didn't fit any of the above categories.  It's going to be a good day.

Essential Priestly equipment

Essential Priestly equipment

On Sunday we meet at 8:30 am for Quiet Communion followed at 10 am by the Family Eucharist.  In case you haven't had your fill of cuteness we have ANOTHER baptism this week!  Apparently everyone wants to be baptised by Elizabeth before she goes.  And I can understand that ... She does lend a particular glow to these things.  This little boy is about 16 months old - so he may add an element of suspense to the proceedings if he decides to be "active".  However I'm told Elizabeth has a way of baptising even the fastest moving child effortlessly.

Otherwise, the week ahead looks like this ...

Tuesday 11 September

6:00 pm Ladies Dinner Group (Please sign up on the board)

Wednesday 12 September

10:00 am Eucharist with OASIS Bible Study

5:30 pm Centering Prayer

Thursday 13 September

10:30 am Craft Group

Have a great weekend!  And the rain is coming, so we no longer have to go out and enjoy the sun.  YAY!

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