Thanksgiving Week at All Saints

Happy Thanksgiving to you all on this most beautiful day. I hope the weekend to come is filled with turkey, gratitude and that last piece of pie that makes your pants a little too tight, but is totally worth it.

Join us on Sunday 13 October for our Harvest Thanksgiving services at 8:30 am and 10 am.

On Wednesday 16 October at 10 am we celebrate the Eucharist followed by the Bible Study. The ladies of the IODE will be in the hall from around 11 am - 4 pm playing bridge. You might wish to avoid the building for that time - it gets surprisingly rowdy.

On Thursday the Parish Health Care Team meet at 9:30 am and the Craft Ladies are in the hall from 10:30 am.

On Saturday 19 October we need some more volunteers to come along and assist with the fall clean up in the garden. Join us if you possibly can.


Enjoy your weekend. Enjoy your thanksgiving dinner - and don’t forget to say grace before you dig in.

Flower Pearson