A Need To Know Basis

There are many things I wish I didn’t have to know - my financial situation, the fact that tax season is near, that the tires on my truck are in bad shape, that sleeping all day is not an effective or healthy way to live, and that sometimes, on a very occasional basis, I may be wrong. Another thing I could happily live my entire life without having any clue about would be the details of how money is necessary to the church. No church or ministry can exist for long with zero financial support but whenever the subject arises I am reminded of the time when, having finished making some chocolate pudding, I joyfully wiped up a small spill with my finger only to discover it was in fact - cat food. It just left a nasty taste in my mouth. Just writing about it is making my tongue recoil like a birthday blower. My point here is this - details are important and they ignored at our peril. Please note how effortless I can now segue into reminding you that Sunday 17 February (that’s this Sunday) is the day of our Budget Meeting. If that is not incentive enough for you to stay after the worship service please note there will also be a birthday celebration for one of our most beloved members for she is most certainly a jolly good fellow!



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Don’t forget to bring some cash on Sunday too - tickets for the St Patrick’s Day bash on are going FAST!

Have a nice weekend - stay cozy!

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